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The first meeting for preparing the New Rural Development Research Institute (NRDRI) of Peking University has been successfully held

/ 2018-04-20

On April 18th ,2018, more than 30 scientists and economists from different schools, of Peking University gathered in School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) to participate the launch meeting of the New Rural Development Research Institute (NRDI) of Peking University. Yang-lin wang, the vice President of Peking University, and the executives from the office of scientific research and the office of social sciences, attended the meeting. On behalf of Peking University, they sing high praise for the importance of the NRDRI and would be supportive if necessary. At the same time they also put forward their expectations for the institute.

During the meeting, Jikun Huang, Professor of School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences and director of Centre for China Agriculture and Policy (CCAP) briefly introduced the short-term and long-term goals of the institute and the progress for institute preparation. All the participants of the meeting brainstormed together on some issues related to the future development of the institute, such as how to effectively integrate the academic advantages of the different departments, how to carry out the cooperations among departments, which pattern is highly efficient?

Although the meeting only lasted one and a half hours, all the participants came to an agreement that they would contribute to the NRDRI and dediate to develop it to a high-end think tank, which would play an important role in promoting the development of Chinese agriculture and rural areas.