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Chair of M Grass Wang Zhaoming Visits Our School

/ 2015-05-08


On May 7, 2015, Chairman of Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan M Grass Drought Control and Greening Co., Ltd. visited our School. Prof. Deng Xingwang, Leader of Preparation Work Group, warmly received Mr. Wang Zhaoming and held in-discussions on the collaboration in related fields of research. Mr. Wang Zhaoming, Chair of the company also gave a presentation as part of Advanced Agriculture Lecture Series.

In his presentation titled “Combination of Eco-Construction and Agricultural Industry”, Mr. Wang Zhaoming elaborated the importance and necessity of the combination of grassland ecology and agricultural industry in a systematic and vivid way. As one of the biggest carbon sinks on earth, Grassland ecosystem plays a critical role in maintaining global and regional eco-balance while being one of the most impacted areas by human activities. Most of the 6 billion mu of grassland in China is located in arid areas and over 80% is threatened by degradation due to lack of water resources and overgrazing, as represented by sharp decline of biodiversity, reduced productivity and ecological deterioration. Ecological restoration of grassland is a key issue related to the wellbeing of the nation and its people as well as an urgent one waiting for resolution; yet it is a comprehensive and challenging task which requires both agricultural and technological approaches as the driving force over a long period. To integrate ecological construction and agricultural industry, the first and foremost thing is to change the approaches and methodologies previously adopted for ecological construction and to seek the possibilities to combine ecological construction and agricultural industrial operations while enabling them to drive each other’s growth. Well-structured ecological construction standards should be built in combination of existing cases of ecological construction, encouraging enterprises, research institutes, cooperatives and farmers to engage in agricultural industrial operations in the form of alliance, hence exploring for new development model of mutual promotion of agricultural industry and ecological construction with a win-win result. M Grass Group is dedicated to ecological restoration through domestication of local plants and continuous breeding of species adapted to various regions with advanced germplasm mining and wild plant domestication technologies. With “Germplasm bank of grassland plants” established by the Group, it provides the market with high quality seeds for ecological restoration and pasture construction. With scaled-up production of pasturage based on quality seeds and scientific planting management and construction of clean eco-industrial chain based on ecological restoration, M Grass Group operates on the entire industrial chain of “grassland restoration—planting / procurement—processing—storage—logistics—transaction”, opening up a new path for the concurrence of eco-system restoration and sustainable scale production and sales of pasturag.

Wang Zhaoming, Chair and General Manager of Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan M Grass Drought Control and Greening Co., Ltd., member of CPPPC, CCTV Businessman of the Year in 2011, Chairman of National Pasturage Industry Association, CAAA, Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia Landscape Architecture Society, Honorary President of Hulunbuir Grassland Ecology Research Institute.