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School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (in Preparation) Visits Inner Mongolia

/ 2015-06-16


A delegation of School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, Peking University (in preparation) visited Hohhot Base of Inner Mongolia Hexinyuan M Grass Drought Control and Greening Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “M Grass Drought Control) from July 12 to 14. With Prof. Deng Xingwang, Leader of the Preparation Work Group of School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences as chef de mission, the delegation consisted of Prof. Xu Zhihong, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the School as well as other professors and experts.

Accompanied by Wang Zhaoming, Chair of M Grass Drought Control, the delegation was on a field trip of the ecological environment of the grassland of Inner Mongolia, visited M Grass scientific research system, germplasm as well as pasturage improvement and grassland ecological restoration projects, and discussed the collaboration in related fields of research.

With 6 billion mu of grassland in China, the development of pasturage and animal industry has become an important strategic move in the development of China’s agriculture. On this basis, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (in preparation) plans to cooperate with M Grass Drought Control for deepened development of core technologies and human resources in agricultural biology, building a new Advancedinstitute and comprehensive social services platform integrating“education, research, production and management”, with the combination of theory, application, strategy, policy, planning research, high-end research management talent training and consulting services. Through detailed discussions, the two parties decided upon core technological innovation of agricultural biology as the breakthrough point, followed by gradually intensified efforts in various related fields, Peking University will fully leverage on its scientific research advantages in agricultural bio sciences, especially in plant molecular biology and plant breeding, etc., strengthening the capacity of grass seed selection, breeding and R&D, hence providing strong technical support for the development of new business areas.