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NAS Member Visits Peking University and Speaks for Advanced Agriculture Lecture Series

/ 2015-07-02

On July 31, upon invitation from School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (in preparation) and School of Life Sciences, Peking University, internationally prominent botanical biologists and members of NAS, Prof. Brian Staskawicz and Prof. James C. Carrington visited Peking University, where they gave lectures and engaged in deeper interaction with faculty and student representatives of the two Schools.

Prof. Zhu Yuxian, CAS member currently teaching in School of Lfe Sciences and Prof. Deng Xingwang, Leader of Preparation Work group for School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, respectively chaired and commented on the lectures by the two members of NAS. The topic of Prof. Brian Staskawicz’s lecture was Genomic Strategies to Engineer Durable Disease Resistance in Agricultural Crops while the topic of Prof. James C. Carrington was Argonautes and Antiviral Defense. The two lectures focused on the molecular basis, latest development and prospects for future utilization of disease-resistance in plants. Attended by over 100 teachers and students from Peking University and other universities, the lectures were part of Advanced Agriculture Lecture Series, followed by interaction and discussion on the theme of the lectures between audience and the two NAS members. CAS members, Prof. Deng Xingwang and Prof. Zhu Yuxian, together with Prof. Li Yi, presented Memorial Medals for Advanced Agriculture Lecture Series, School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (in preparation), Peking University to the Prof. Brian Staskawicz and Prof. James C. Carrington.