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New Rural Development Institute (NRDI) , Peking University

/ 2023-09-11

In order to serve the country to implement the rural revitalization strategy and accelerate modernization of agriculture, Peking University has established the “New Rural Development Institute”-- a high-end multiple disciplined think tank at the national level. Affiliated with School of Advanced Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) of Peking University, NRDI aims at accelerating modernization of agriculture, promoting revitalization of rural areas and realizing the goals of rapid, inclusive and sustainable rural transformation at an early date. Targeting at the frontier research issues of multiple disciplines and to satisfy the major national demands, NRDI carries out basic, forward-looking and systematic strategic research, provides consulting services to both public and private stakeholders, and establishes a high-end think tank for agricultural and rural development that earns a good reputation domestically and internationally. At the same time, NRDI will also promote the diffusion of successful experience of China’s rural transformation to generate insights for policy making in other developing countries in Asia and Africa, and enhance China’s influence in the world.