报告题目: A Tale of Two Roads: Groundwater Depletion in the North China Plain




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  Many studies focus on the relationship between infrastructure and economic development, but few study the effect of infrastructure on the sustainability of natural resources. We examines the effect of the arrival of two new national highways on ground water tables in a small county in the North China Plain - a region that produces most of the nation’s foodgrains. We use a unique GIS-referenced dataset of all the 12,000 odd tube wells in this county to show that highway construction accelerates the drilling of new wells in farms closer to the highway. There is faster depletion of the groundwater in wells close near the highways relative to wells located farther away. We show suggestive evidence that these effects are caused by a switch from subsistence to commercial cropping, and intensification of farming practices closer to the highway.




  龚亚珍博士,副教授、博士生导师。2009年获加拿大英属哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)博士学位;2012-2014年在联合国教科文组织下属机构IHE攻读在职博士后;2014年8月-2015年8月受国家留学基金委资助被公派到加州大学伯克利分校访问一年。

  专业方向为资源经济学,主要利用微观实证方法和实地实验经济学方法(field experiments)来研究中国农村的环境保护和发展问题,近年来开始关注环境和健康问题。

  2010年学成归国以来,已在PNAS,Land Economics, Ecological Economics,Annual Review of Resource Economics,Agricultural Economics,Land Use Policy, Climatic Change、Science of Total Environment等SSCI/SCI期刊发表论文16篇,并在《中国环境科学》、《自然资源学报》、《北京林业大学学报(社会科学版)》、《林业经济问题》等国内期刊以通信或第一作者的身份发表论文10余篇。同时,主持了国际自然科学基金青年基金项目和面上项目以及多个国际合作项目,也是几个国家重大公益项目或科技部科技专项的业务骨干。